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Mommy, My Head Hurts: A Doctor's Guide to Your Child's Headache (Newmarket Parenting Guid
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Newmarket Press
  • Official List Price: $12.95
Reassuring and authoritative, the first and only book by a pediatric specialist to illuminate the sometimes frightening world of a child's headache pain and offer advice on symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and how to deal with doctors.

Dr. Sarah Cheyette, a pediatric neurologist and mother of two young children, gives attention to a serious need: helping parents and caregivers of children from infants to teenagers understand and deal with headache pain, treat it with and/or without medication, and keep it from controlling their child's life as well as their own.

In a clear, lively, easy-to-understand style, with case studies, resources, diagrams, and a valuable "sample headache diary," Dr. Cheyette answers such pressing questions as:

• How can I identify and treat pain in my baby? My toddler? My teen?
• What are the possible causes of my child's headache?
• What medications and nondrug therapies are available?
• How can I prepare my child for a doctor's visit?
• What questions should my doctor ask to ensure an accurate diagnosis of my child's headache?
• What are our options if we've already seen a doctor ... and the headache still isn't going away?