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Getting a Good Night's Sleep (A Cleveland Clinic Guide) (Cleveland Clinic Guides)
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Cleveland Clinic Press
  • Official List Price: $14.95
Getting A Good Night’s Sleep: A Cleveland Clinic Guide

We write off restless nights as a way of life, not realizing that sleep ranks in importance with diet and exercise as vital to our health. Many Americans—70 million of us, to be exact—are sleep-deficient. We often regard sleep as not critical but extracurricular and optional. This attitude is dangerous and detrimental to our health.

This book gives the sleepless what they need: real, substantive information from a source that is trusted by people all over the world. This book is one of a series written by physicians from the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic. It provides a straightforward and clear examination of sleep problems and serves as a complete home reference for anyone. It is the only book a patient with sleep disorders should need.

Many books about disease promise cures, but sufferers often go from one to another without getting better. The source of information in consumer medical books is what distinguishes one from the other.