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Review of Sleep Medicine
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Butterworth-Heinemann
  • Official List Price: $93.00
Here's an ideal refresher on the core information in the field of sleep medicine. It is a comprehensive review-and-test workbook for preparation of the Sleep Board exam that emphasizes the highlights of sleep medicine and recaps major points with figures, tables, and lists to guide readers. The second half is a mock examination for practice, which includes many polysomnogram segments and multiple epochs. Also included are 500 exam questions, a quick reference to drug effects relating to sleep medicine, and an appendix on sleep scoring basics.

    Enables the user to practice for the exam with the same type of questions used in the exam itself.Provides the busy clinician a succinct summary of all aspects of working up the sleep disordered patientOffers very comprehensive and thorough answers and rationals so the user will know the why and how to think logically about the problem.

  • Additional coverage brings review book up to date with ASBM test material
  • New chapters include:
    • Sleep Breathing Disorders
    • Cardiovascular Pathophysiology
    • Evaluating Epilepsy
    • Pearls of Pediatric Sleep
    • Cardiopulmonary Disorders
    • Neurological Sleep Disorders
    • Sleep-Wake Disorders
    • Clinical Case Studies II
    • Knowing Practice Parameters
    • Sleep Journals in Review