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The Cell: A Molecular Approach, Fourth Edition
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Sinauer Associates, Inc.
  • Official List Price: $117.95
Courses in molecular and cellular biology are a cornerstone of undergraduate programs in the life sciences. The material is not only fundamental to all of biology, but also represents an exciting and rapidly moving area of science. This makes teaching undergraduates a rewarding experience, but also a challenging task. The Cell: A Molecular Approach meets this challenge by providing students with not only the most current information, but also with a conceptual framework and an introduction to the experimental nature of contemporary research. Designed for use in one-semester introductory cell biology courses, The Cell presents current comprehensive science in a readable and cohesive text that students can master in the course of one semester.

The new Fourth Edition of The Cell has been updated to reflect major advances since publication of the Third Edition in 2003, including:

* The role of microRNAs in regulation of gene expression
* Expanded discussions of genomics, proteomics, and signaling networks
* Translational regulation and the mTOR signaling pathway
* Roles of specialized lipid domains in cell surface processes
* Advances in stem cell biology
* Oncogenes and the rational design of new anticancer drugs

While retaining the overall organization, themes, and special features of earlier editions, including Key Experiment and Molecular Medicine essays, the Fourth Edition of The Cell includes:

* Three additional chapters, including Cell Death and Cell Renewal
* Major new sections, including
o Proteomics: Large-Scale Analysis of Cell Proteins
o Bioinformatics and Systems Biology
o Cell–Matrix Interactions
o Signaling Networks
* New chapter sidebars that highlight areas of interest and clinical applications throughout each chapter
* New margin elements that refer students to animations and activities on the Companion Website
* Revised end-of-chapter questions, with answers for all questions included in the back of the boo