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Learning and Memory: Basic Principles, Processes, and Procedures (3rd Edition)
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Allyn & Bacon
  • Official List Price: $112.80
This text explores the core principles of learning and memory in a clear, reader-friendly style, covering animal learning and human memory in a balanced fashion. A strong emphasis on practical applications to the college student's everyday life is evident in examples throughout, such as the correlation between caffeine consumption and grade point average (Chapter 1), approach/avoidance coping for upcoming and completed exams (Chapter 5), and retrograde amnesia in football players (Chapter 7). The relationship between the fields of neuropsychology and learning and memory is also stressed throughout. There are new sections on neuroscience and education, perceptual learning, and the amnesic patient H.M., as well as new material on anxiety and learning, working memory, and childhood amnesia. The third edition has been thoroughly updated to reflect the latest research and has been freshened throughout with more relevant examples and better graphics.