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Principles of Learning and Memory
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Birkhäuser Basel
  • Official List Price: $79.95
The selected topics in this volume provide an interdisciplinary perspective on learning and memory. At the core of the volume will be the presentation of specific phenomena and principles which are well established and which are central for human learning and memory. The volume emphasizesconnections between findings on different levels of analysis in cognitive science, neuroscience andbiology. This approach may help to develop a broader view and a broader understanding of humanlearning and memory since the editors try to overcome traditional borders which are separatingdiscipliners. Results from Physiology, Cognitive Neuropsychology and Cognitive ExperimentalPsychology are considered. Features and benefits:• Combines well established, central principles and phenomena and current approaches from cognitivescience, neuroscience, and biology to emphasize connections between the findings in thesedifferent domains of research• Results from empirical research and modeling approaches are taken into account• Contents grouped into four sections:(I) Learning and acquisition of knowledge;(II) Storage and representation of knowledge;(III) Processing of knowledge in working memory;(IV) The principle of evolution of structures and processes underlying learning and memory• Appendix with introductions to very topical methods and fields of research (e.g. pdp, PET, fMRI,Neuropsychology, Neurobiology)• The editors and many authors are well known scientists (e.g. Kluwe and Lüer have been presidentsof the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Psychologie), who made significant contributions to thefield of learning and memory• International authorship from USA and Germa