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The Psychology of Learning and Motivation, Volume 48: Skill and Strategy in Memory Use (P
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Academic Press
  • Official List Price: $125.00
Chapters in this volume discuss strategies people use in responding to memory queries- whether and how to access memory and how to translate retrieved products into responses. Coverage includes memory for ongoing events and memory for prospective events-how we remember to do future intended actions. Individual differences in memory skill is explored across people and situations, with special consideration given to the elderly population and how strategies at encoding and retrieval can offset what would otherwise be declining memory. The final chapters explore individual differences from an expertise angle-how expertise can both facilitate and obstruct efficient use of memory and how memory skills evolve with expertise in specific domains.

* An intergrative view of memory, metamemory, judgment and decision-making, and individual differences
* Relevant to both applied concerns and basic research
* Articles written by expert contributors