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Working Memory and Learning: A Practical Guide for Teachers
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Sage Publications Ltd
  • Official List Price: $29.95
A good working memory is crucial to becoming a successful leaner, yet there is very little material available in an easy-to-use format that explains the concept and offers practitioners ways to support children with poor working memory in the classroom.

This book provides a coherent overview of the role played by working memory in learning during the school years, and uses theory to inform good practice.

Topics covered include:

" the link between working memory skills and key areas of learning (such as literacy & numeracy)

" the relationship between working memory and children with developmental disorders

" assessment of children for working memory deficits

" strategies for supporting working memory in under-performing children

This accessible guide will help SENCOs, teachers, teaching assistants, speech and language therapists and educational psychologists to understand and address working memory in their setting